OPA Architects Ltd commits to delivering innovative architectural solutions, elegant integration and sophisticated response within complex surrounding for people’s well-being and everyday use.


Our vision for architecture is that it should always add value and positive qualities to the site and the brief. This happens through careful and thorough ana­lysis of the site, the surroundings and every parameter involved in the brief. We have an approach where we always see the project’s complexity and challenges as a positive creative force to create something unique for the site and purpose. We continuously explore primary architectural concerns and always challenge conventions and traditional thinking. We take our professional responsibilities very seriously and aim to produce innovative, thoughtful, well conceived, well-mannered buildings.


Architecture should be bespoke and every building and every site is as individual as its client. We firmly believe that the best buildings come from the individual needs of the client, if only we take time to listen. We always carefully listen to our clients – so that we may hear, understand, and interpret their tangible and intangible needs into unique, innovative, well-crafted architecture. Every client brings a different hierarchy of requirements and we identify these at the outset – whether they be aesthetic, quality, time or budget constraints – so a successful outcome is achieved. We encourage our clients to be involved throughout the design process as this often brings about a more fulfilling result.